Hey, Can I have you new account? :D I love Liz Gillies. by itsgleetastic

hahaha you already got it :)

what's your new account? xo by Anonymous

Not telling unless you go off Anon and I know you :/

So, you ARE still using this account? by lieutenant-piecewise

no, i just come back to see if anyone new wants my new account

i love you. i wish you understand that i want to protect you. give you everything you need but you never give me a chance. i hate how people hurt you and i can't do anything about it. it kills me inside. its not fair bird that i can never love you the way i want to. i love you more than myself but you don't care. i wish things could be different. i just want you. by Anonymous

love you by Anonymous


where can you watch liz gillie's glee audition? x by Anonymous

Not online, sorey



I can’t take the hate here anymore. I’m leaving this account and making a new one. Inbox me for the link but I might not give it to you if I don’t trust you, sorey but this is becoming too much for me

I dont see why you havent killed yourself yet if you know everybody hates your ass for being a fake gillian, even liz hates you by Anonymous